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Discussion that will never ends at all

01 May '20

“Who are your competitors?” It’s a question we all get asked as our audience attempts to ‘box’ us in an industry category. I have tried to answer this question many times and often, I find the most satisfactory answer I can offer, is explaining that I prefer to view others offering services like mine as potential co-opetition. Here is why.

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25 April '20

I started my first ‘real’ business in the year 2000, which, as you might remember, was probably not perfect timing; but nothing in my life was perfect either so it did not really matter. My journey has been colorful, characterized by fear and courage in equal measure, uncertainty, loneliness and, most of all, very frequent change. I wanted to share a list of things I feel have helped me navigate change and have kept me moving despite it all.

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05 April '20

Paul was 29 when his cousin convinced him to leave. At that point, he worked for a local bank as a cashier. He had worked this job for eight years and, at the beginning, he gave everything he had to the organization. He got to work early, served customers with a beaming smile and did everything he could to deliver the best results for the organization

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13 Aug '18

The word ego is frequently used to describe and ascribe the reasons and causes of someone’s behavior and often carries a negative connotation. Ego however, refers to a person’s sense of self-esteem and self-importance.

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13 Sep '18

If we are to believe this phrase, giving feedback is a invested and noble act. At our Monday musing session, we decided to explore the true meaning of feedback, when and how it is best given and how receivers of feedback...

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